This Site is to help wanna-be level builders:
Figure out 'D3 Edit'
Create custom objects and weapons
Write scripts with 'Dallas'

Final Site Update: March 3, 2002

Go here to get the latest version of OOFEditor.

I'll need to go back and edit my existing tutorials to show them using this AWESOME tool. Note! I already have OOFEditor tutorials that you can access from the OOFEditor Homepage or right here.

Basic Definitions A quick review of terminalogy - Learn the Lingo
Getting Started Walk through some of basics of changing an ORF to an OOF and using OOFEDITOR
A Powerup OOF Create rotation keys and set the rotation property
Turrets Set up your oof to use the Turret property.
Animation Part 1 Start learning Animation, Frames and Keys.

March 3, 2002 - Hi folks. Sorry I took so long to post the OOFEDitor Update. Real life is getting pretty hectic. It's been hard finding time to put into this site. OOFEditor has been updated ridding it of some problems many of us never even knew of. SuperSheep has also graced us with D3 Image Tool to help us get custom textures into our levels. It even helps with some alpha and channel issues OGF Converter forgot.

I still try to answer requests for help. Since I've fallen behind on some of the tools in the lastest release of D3EDit please try to limit your questions to subjects covered in my site. Make sure you've already checked out the DescentBB. Its powerful search engine can find articles all the way back to 1999. Odds are that, with a little digging, you'll find your question answered by many people. And while you're there you may find things you never thought were possible.
August 4, 2001 - Sorry I haven't been able to add much since Animation Part 1 of OOFEditor. Real life has been pretty busy. I hope to get back to tutorial writing again in mid-September. I did, however, manage to wrap the weapons section by adding the Ship.gam. Now you have all the informatin you need to create and fire your custom weapon.

April 14, 2001 - !News Flash! I actually built another level, Vortex 2.

My tutorials tend to be a little more specific and in-depth then others. Like anything else there's a way, there's an easier way, and there's the most efficient way. My goal is help you do things the easiest, most efficient way I have found. That way you can spend time being creative and build your level with all the detail, bells, and whistles you started out to build.

There's a lot I haven't learned yet. I haven't even tried to work with terrain. If you download my levels Vortex 1 and Vortex 2. you'll see where I am so far. In it you'll find custom objects and weapons, customized textures, and some basic scripting to make it work. I also tried to make the architecture and detail interesting.

My goal is to help you:
Learn building techniques to make building complex structures easier.
Create custom objects and textures to make it interesting and different.
Write scripts that will to bring it life.

If you're just starting with D3Edit I STRONGLY suggest you start by:
1) Going to and read The Level.
2) Get the D3Edit HotKeys list.
3) Read Quick Tool Review

1) Quick Tool Review- A 5 page run-through of the tool buttons in D3Edit Room Bar, what they do and how to use them.
Page 1 The Modify box
Page 2 & 3 The Face box
Page 4 & 5 The Vertex box

Building Techniques
1) Simple Complexity- Now that you know what the tools do put them to work and see how they make
seemingly complex structures simple to build.
2) Just Say No To Bending - Tunnels quick, simple and without the Bend command.

1) Get DALLAS Working - Here's how to set up D3-SDK and a compiler so you can write scripts
2) Breaking Glass - Build it, Script it, Break it- Update! You shouldn't need a trigger to break glass.
Even though this tutorial includes using a trigger try it first without a trigger.
3) Wind - Quick and easy

Custom Textures and objects
1) Make Mesh Glass Break - Good beginning point to working with table files.
2) Custom Objects - Learn how to create an object and get it into your level.
3) Custom Objects II - Animate your object by adjusting some basic .gam settings and scripting some actions.
4) Custom Objects III - Add Gun Points using D3Tool so your object can fire weapons or spew.
5) Custom Robots I - Quick Down and Dirty method to set to create a custom robot.
(Assumes you completed Custom Objects I, II, ans III)
6) See Custom Objects In D3Edit - Invest an extra 5 minutes to make working with
custom objects inside your level easier.

Custom Weapons:
1) Introduction and Review - Terms, files, tools, and some general information on what's involved in creating a weapon
2) The Powerup .gam - Understanding the Generic Object - Powerup .gam page.
3) The Weapon.gam - Understanding the Weapon.gam page. This will continue to be updated as I learn more about
the many settings.
4) A Simple Primary Weapon - A step-by-step set -up of a primary weapon. Includes the files you need to try it out.
5) The Ship.gam - Settings for a ship's firing behaviour.

My levels :
Vortex 1 My first level made for group anarchy and 2 team ctf.
Vortex 2 My second level. Anarchy, CTF, Hoard, and introducing 2 custom weapons.

Non D3 Stuff:
Jigsaw's Memorial Site (Our dog, we miss her)

Site Log
Feb. 18, 2000 Started the Site, Posted Vortex 1 (my first level)
Feb. 27, 2000 Posted the first tutorial- Breakable Glass
March 1, 2000 Posted tutorial- Just Say No To Bending
March 2, 2000 Posted tutorial- Make Mesh Glass Break
March 24, 2000 Moved to Thanks Schplurg
Posted the 1st page of Quick Tool Review.
March 27, 2000 Posted 2nd page of Quick Tool Review.
March 28, 2000 Posted Wind- quick and easy
April 8, 2000 Finished Quick Tool Review (for now)
May 25,2000 Finally adding Simple Complexity
Aug 20, 2000 Back after ......... way to long.
Here's 'Get DALLAS Working'
Sept 10, 2000 Posted 'Custom Objects'
Nov 4, 2000 Custom Objects II (finally)
Nov 6, 2000 Custom Objects III
Nov 26 Custom Robots I
April 14, 2001 Released Vortex 2
April 18, 2001 Added See Custom Object In D3Eit
May 19, 2001 Posted Part 1 of Custom Weapons
June 5, 2001 Added OOFEditor Link
June 16, 2001 Added links to OOFEditor tutorials
and OOFEditor's Animation Part 1 tutorial
Aug 4, 2001 Finally added the Ship.gam to the Weapons section.
March 3, 2002 Posted OOFEditor Update. Final Site Update.